Directors Maria Ramström and Malin Korkeasalo

Malin Korkeasalo, born in 1969 in Stockholm graduated from from Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden) in 2004 where she studied as a Cinematographer. She is based in Stockholm and works as a freelance filmmaker and cinematographer. She has worked as a cinematographer on a numerous documentaries. Love Always, Carolyn is her first full length documentary as a director.

Maria Ramström, born in 1971 in Stockholm is a freelance filmmaker with a past as a still photographer primarily within the documentary field. She is currently working on her second full length documentary as a director, Maneuvers in The Darka story about the world of branding, set in Sweden, China and North Korea. Love Always, Carolyn is her first full length documentary as a director.

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