Fredrik Gertten, Lina Bertilsson, Emma Svensson, Margarete Jangård on WG Film

WG Film is a production company based in Malmö, Sweden famous for strong humanitarian stories that have travelled around the world since 1994.
Fifteen years after the birth of the company, its position is stronger than ever. The catalogue of local cult films like True Blue – The way back  featuring a young Zlatan Ibrahimovic  and The Socialist, The Architect and the Twisted Tower  about Sanitiago Calatravas architectual masterpeice Turning Torso has made WG Film a production company known for local stories with universal understanding.

2009 the company became the most well-known production company in Sweden, partly through its co-production Burma VJ, nominated to an Oscar and released theatrically with great reviews. But more important, Fredrik Gertten’s BANANAS!*, the most famous Swedish documentary for the last 30 years.

Today WG Film concists of filmmaker Fredrik Gertten, producer Margarete Jangård and Elin Kamlert. Visit us on

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